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Totem Garden Signs

Fall City Totem PoleOne of the focal points for Fall City since the early 1930s has been the 43-foot totem pole which stands at the west edge of town. The original totem pole was carved by Hugh Hinds, drawing on inspiration from legends and carvings of the Haida, who live along the coast of British Columbia. It was erected in 1934 and dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Julia Harshman.

In 1964 the totem pole blew down during a violent windstorm, and serious rot was discovered. After repairs, it was erected again in 1967. But by 1981, it was evident that major restoration was needed and the pole was again taken down.

In 1982, when the original totem pole was deemed unrepairable, the Fall City Business and Professional Association commissioned Herman Williams, of the Tulalip tribe, to carve a replacement pole, following the same story as the original. In June 1982, the 30-foot replacement pole was erected.

In 1997, Richard Kirby and a team from Chief Kanim Middle School began restoring the original pole. In 1999, the Fall City Boy Scout Troup #425 joined the effort and the project became a remarkable community effort. More detailed accounts of the project may be found in Jack's History of Fall City. In August 2001, the original Fall City Totem Pole was once again installed.

Two historic signs were erected in 2005 in Totem Garden Park at the base of the pole. One tells the history of the pole and the other the story depicted by the pole.

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