Historic Signs

The Fall City Historic Signs Project was begun in 2016 and by the end of 2019 will include fifteen signs. Each sign includes one or more historic photos, brief text, and a link to a more detailed report with additional photos and history. Signs and links to reports are displayed below. Numbers correspond to locations on the Historic Signs Tour Map.

Our thanks to Heritage 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax Fund for supporting our work, and to King County Community Service Area grants which helped with costs for the EARLY SCHOOLS and FALL CITY BRICK SCHOOL signs.

Take a Fall City Walking Tour

Enjoy a self-guided stroll through the historic town of Fall City. You'll see a variety of early homes, halls, and businesses, some existing now only in photos and memory.

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Historic Signs Tour Map brochure (numbers show sign locations)

The Savor Snoqualmie Valley website also offers a Fall City Historic Walking Tour, incorporating materials from our Historic Signs project.

  1. Roadhouse

    Fall City Roadhouse

    Built in 1920.

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  2. Model Garage (1920)

    Model Garage, 33805 Redmond-Fall City Road SE

    Started in 1920, this is Fall City's longest continually operating business.

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  3. Hotel Corner

    Hotel Corner, southeast corner of 337th SE and Redmond-Fall City Rd

    Taylor Store, Restaurant, and Hotel built in 1886

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  4. Falls City Masonic Hall

    Falls City Masonic Hall, 4304 337th Place SE

    Built in 1895, King Co. Landmark 1994,
    National Historic Register 2004

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  5. Neighbor Bennett House (1904)

    Neighbor-Bennett House, 4317-337th Place SE

    Built in 1904, King County Landmark 1996
    National Register of Historic Places 2004

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  6. Fall City Methodist Church, built 1899

    Fall City Methodist Church, 4326 337th Place SE

    Built 1899, on the west side of 337th SE, moved to current location in 1927.
    Additions and remodeling in late 1950s and 1960s.

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  7. Moore-Parmelee House

    Moore-Parmelee House, 4338 338th Place SE

    Built in 1905
    King County Landmark 2003

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  8. Early Schools

    Early Schools, sign at 4347 336th Place SE

    Background on Fall City schools from 1873 to 1915

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  9. Grocery Corner

    The Grocery Corner, 336th SE and SE Redmond-Fall City Road

    Has served Fall City with a series of grocery stores since 1922

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  10. Mercantile...Construction Services…Hardware Stores...and more

    Macrae Building, 33511 Redmond-Fall City Road SE

    Mercantile...Construction Services…Hardware Stores...and more

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  11. Prescott-Harshman House

    Prescott-Harshman House, 33429 SE Redmond-Fall City Road

    Built 1904,
    King County Landmark 1984

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  12. Totem Garden History Sign

    Totem Garden History Sign

    The history of the Fall City Totem Pole, carved and erected in 1934, dedicated to Julia Harshman.

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  13. Totem Legend Sign

    Totem Legend Sign

    The legend depicted by the Fall City Totem.

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  14. Brick School

    Fall City Brick School, 33314 SE 42nd Street (in front of the Gymnasium)

    The Brick School housed kindergarten through high school students from 1916-1944 and was used for Elementary School students until 1970.

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    Additional Fall City signs
  1. Falls City Depot

    Falls City Train Depot, Preston-Snoqualmie Lake Alice Road Trailhead

    Northern Pacific Railroad from 1885 - 1974 became the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail. Site of the sign was the Falls City Train Depot.

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    Baxter Barn 1940

    Baxter Barn

    Built by Orin Baxter in 1905. Moved and re-built in its current location in the 1950s.

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