Reference Documents
Kelley Census Indexes
Kelley Census Indexes

A wonderful part of the legacy from Jack and Judy Kelley is the collection of documents they donated to our Reference Library, materials gathered during the preparation of Jack's History of Fall City. Judy Kelley printed out all available census records pertaining to the Fall City and transcribed and indexed the data. The source of the original material is given with each set of records.

Census data, obviously, can be found online on a variety of sites, but if you are interested in Fall City, checking our Reference Library will be simpler. This month we'll be uploading pdfs for 1870, 1871, 1880, 1885, 1887, and 1889. As time allows, we'll make the rest of the listed documents available.

Reference Documents

Census (Names index, images of census pages, with sources listed)

  • 1870, WA Territorial, Fall City-Snoqualmie Area - download
  • 1871, WA Territorial, Fall City-Snoqualmie Area - download
  • 1880, WA Territorial, Tolt to North Bend - download
  • 1885, WA Territorial, Tolt to North Bend - download
  • 1887, WA Territorial, Fall City-Snoqualmie - download
  • 1889, WA Territorial, Snoqualmie and Falls City - download
  • 1892, Washington, Falls City (24 pages, no names index)
  • 1900, U.S. Census, Fall City Precinct - download
  • 1910, U.S. Census, Fall City Precinct - download
  • 1920, U.S. Census, Fall City Precinct
  • 1930, U.S. Census, Fall City Precinct
  • 1940, U.S. Census, Fall City Election Precinct - download

Civil War Veterans

  • Prior to 1880, residing in Fall City (5)
  • 1890, residing within Enumeration District 67 (4 listed as Fall City)
  • Buried in Fall City Cemetery (14?)

Cemeteries / Obituaries

  • Fall City Cemetery Names/Burial Locations Index, 2012
  • Fall City Cemetery Records (Names index, Plot index) 1983, King County Cemetery Researchers
  • Preston Cemetery Record Index, up to July 15, 1997
  • Index to obituaries in Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum Scrapbook
  • Index to obituaries in Fall City Historical Society Collection


  • Census of Children 1902, 1905-1907, 1909-1914
    • School District 20, Fall City
    • School District 48, Patterson Creek
  • Census of Children 1915-1919, 1921-1932, School District 185,
    Fall City
  • Alumni of the Fall City High School, Classes of 1904-1944

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