We love Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Fall City Historical. Our Board members are all volunteers, as are those who take care of ongoing work such as our treasurer and membership coordinator. Many kind folks from the community have stepped up over the years to help in a variety of ways. We are grateful.

Scott Brown
Scott Brown lives in Fall City and works with Microsoft supporting nonprofits with Technology. He has helped us obtain and install software to bring our laptop to a much more usable configuration.

Here are some examples of areas in which your help would be especially appreciated:

Office manager: Our greatest need at present is someone to take care of all the small but vital tasks that need to be done in the office. We have developed procedures for most of the office tasks. If you have experience in office systems, you might help us improve ours!

This is not a task that would involve a lot of hours, but it would be best to come in a couple of times a week for 2-3 hours. Times could be flexible, but an ongoing commitment would be desirable.

Working with schools: we have to date not created ways to bring history to schools. Your ideas and expertise in this area would be particularly welcome.

Collections: training is available in procedures for organizing new donations and preparing them for archival storage, as well as the cataloging of items in PastPerfect.

Writing and doing layout for Fall City Newsletter articles: If you enjoy our monthly articles, you could help do interviews or write on other subjects. We use Publisher, a very straight-forward program, to do our layout, and would be glad to train.

Please contact us at if you would like more information about volunteering.

Two "Keene" volunteers from Lake Alice:


Tom Keene has created the handsome frames for mounting historic signs on buildings and has done those installations. He also did the finishing touches on our Hop Shed model!


Tracy Keene helped create procedures for many of the office tasks, and continues to apply her computer wizardry to a variety of projects, including concocting a variety of useful Excel tables and keeping them updated.

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