Fall City Day

We look forward each year to this opportunity to be "out in the community" with our booth and displays. Our three-tent "pavilion" is becoming a landmark of the event, sure to be worth visiting. In addition to offering a unique exhibit each year, we make available books and the items in our "History in Your Hand" series.

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WWI and the Snoqualmie Valley

Fall City Day 2019 2nd place winners

In WWI uniforms and accessories, kindly loaned by the Museum of Flight, Rick Divers (center) and Board Members (L-R) Anne Neilson, Paula Spence, Cindy Parks and Donna Driver-Kummen added special flavor to the day. They marched in the Fall City Day Parade, sang a lively version of "Over There" for the judges, and received the Second Place Award!

Fall City Day June 8th, with help from our friends!

Washington State Historical Museum shared seven exhibit panels on WWI in Washington State, which served as the basis for our tabletop display, along with materials which brought it home to the Snoqualmie Valley. Photos from MOHAI and Whatcome Museum, help from Preston historian Ed Holmes, display items from Tolt Historical Society, and excerpts from Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum's recent Snoqualmie Valley History Magazine all added richness. Two enclosed tabletop display cases loaned by Susan Garbe allowed us to safely share items from our collection. Our thanks to everyone! How nice to be in such a supportive community of heritage folks!

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This button was worn by members of the Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen who formed the Spruce Division during the war, to furnish wood for airplane and boat building.

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