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Mike's Place

The new house at 4658 Preston-Fall City Road SE, at the turnoff to Lake Alice Road, is on the site of the former "Mike's Place" Gas and Groceries business owned by Mike Beienburg.

The original building, shown in the 1940 WA State Archives photo below, was used as a residence for many years before being torn down and replaced in 2013.

Mikes Place Gas and Groceries

Jack's History of Fall City, Chapter 12, page 218

Mike's Place was located on the NE corner at what is now the intersection of Lake Alice Road and Preston-Fall City Road (formerly the Sunset Highway). It was built by Mike Beienburg in the early 1920s. Mike sold gas and groceries, just like a modern-day 7-11. World War II came along and gas rationing caused the decline of the tourist business, so Mike closed up shop and left town. The building still stands and is used as a residence.

My recollection of Mike's Place is based on the time that Dad and I went to see George Reed who lived on what is now 334th Ave SE. George was severely disabled and could move around in his house only with a great deal of effort. He had a German Shepard named Prince, who was George's helper. George had taught Prince to do things around the house to make life a bit easier for himself. Prince would fill the wood box beside the kitchen stove, get the newspaper, go to Mike's and bring home groceries, and so on.

I thought the way that Prince had been taught to go to Mike's Place and bring home the groceries was really neat. George would fasten a note to a basket and tell Prince to go to the store which was on the Preston-Fall City Road about 800 feet north. Prince would pick up the basket in his mouth and head for Mike's Place. After returning to George's house, he would set the basket and groceries down and there'd be a bill inside. It was this kind of loyalty that allowed George to live on his own.

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