Fall City Day

We look forward each year to this opportunity to be "out in the community" with our booth and displays. Our three-tent "pavilion" is becoming a landmark of the event, sure to be worth visiting. In addition to offering a unique exhibit each year, we make available books and the items in our "History in Your Hand" series.

See us at Fall City Day


See us at Fall City Day

Fall City Day…wet but fun

See us at Fall City Day

Ah, it was a wet one! But lots of folks came out, and then came in out of the rain to enjoy our LOGGING display. Thanks to Donna Driver-Kummen for bringing together the materials and creating such a varied and interesting display. At left is the log- loading model built by Jon Kummen, which was a big hit with kids and parents alike! Thanks, Jon!

See us at Fall City Day
Guy Dashnea, former Snoqualmie mill worker, shares his memories of days “herding” logs on the millpond with a pike pole, moving them into position to be pulled into the mill.
One of the very special parts of the day for us was the chance to talk with local folks who were part of the logging and mill work in our area. Harvey Hendrickson told of working as whistle punk in his father's crew when he was 14; he brought along the "whistle"(actually a hand-activated switch) which controlled a loud central whistle. Brad Isley remembered horse logging, done with Clydesdales in his father's crew. Bill Pettijean talked of the steam-powered sawmill he and his brother Jerry ran in the Lake Marie area for some years. A special treat in the afternoon was having Dave Moses, a third generation logger who worked with us on the Logging section in the Fall City Memory Book, and his son David Moses, who is an international champion in the Logging Sports competitions.
We also appreciated folks who talked with us about large trees and stumps on their property. We hope to follow up and get photos and measurements.

MANY THANKS TO A HOST OF VOLUNTEERS who turned out in the rain to help set up tents and bring it all together in the early morning, then disassemble and carry it all off at the end of the day. Thanks to all who loaned materials and came to share their own special memories of logging and mill work.

Fall City…history lives here
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