Fall City Day

We look forward each year to this opportunity to be "out in the community" with our booth and displays. Our three-tent "pavilion" is becoming a landmark of the event, sure to be worth visiting. In addition to offering a unique exhibit each year, we make available books and the items in our "History in Your Hand" series.

See us at Fall City Day

Wayne Graika at Fall City Day 2018

We thank the members of the Snoqualmie Tribe and the Culture Group, who accepted our invitation to bring a display to our space this year and met with us to discuss ideas. Special thanks to Wayne Graika (shown with canoe paddles above) who was available all day to demonstrate and answer questions about various types of carving and to Buzz Cloud who demonstrated the preparation of cedar bark for use in baskets and clothing. Ginger de los Angeles created the cedar bark cape shown above and helped design the board on weaving with cedar bark. Angela Wymer brought together the information for the language area, including a story about Kingfisher and a recording of the story in the traditional Lushootseed language. The display and your presence were much enjoyed!

Our new glass, with a traditional Salish Salmon design is now available in our Gift Shop and at Farmhouse Market.

traditional Salish Salmon design

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