Fall City Day

We look forward each year to this opportunity to be "out in the community" with our booth and displays. Our three-tent "pavilion" is becoming a landmark of the event, sure to be worth visiting. In addition to offering a unique exhibit each year, we make available books and the items in our "History in Your Hand" series.

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Hop Shed Model

The weather behaved, the crowds were steady and a good time was had by all. Our centerpiece was a 1:12 model of the Fall City Hop Shed as it might have looked when it was in use on Davis Rutherford’s farm. And those who wished could pick up a cardstock printout to construct a hand-sized hop shed model!

As usual, Donna Driver-Kummen put together an attractive display. Several people shared dried hops… lots of chances to smell the distinctive aroma! Dick and Kris Kirby loaned a wooden-slat hop picking basket from their antique collection. Janice Pankratz loaned a small hop basket and an interesting wreath containing dried hops.

We were able to share many historic photos from a variety of regional collections.

Fall City…history lives here
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