Fall City Day

We look forward each year to this opportunity to be "out in the community" with our booth and displays. Our three-tent "pavilion" is becoming a landmark of the event, sure to be worth visiting. In addition to offering a unique exhibit each year, we make available books and the items in our "History in Your Hand" series.

See us at Fall City Day


See us at Fall City Day

2015: Pioneers, baseball, and spinning, Oh My!

Hilde Gettinger

Our two early Fall City Pioneers, Jack Bush and Nancy Moore were a great addition to the booth, as was Hilde Gettinger, master spinner and willing teacher!

Baseball has a long history in Fall City and 2015 will provide another chapter, as the Northwest Honkers, a semi-pro team, will play their home games in the Community Park across the river. We enjoyed calling them to local attention and handing out pocket schedules for their games.

Honkers Baseball

And in honor of this resurgence, we offered a display on baseball in the early 1900s in Fall City...and a season that ended with a winning percentage of 800 for the local team!

Download pdf (August 2014 Feat. from Coll)
Hilde Gettinger

Spinning… Hilde Gettinger brought two spinning wheels and a hand spindle to share this year. She is a rare combination of a skilled craftsperson and a patient and delightful teacher.

We enjoyed the opportunity to visit with friends and new acquaintances…answered questions and made notes of several projects for follow-up

Fall City…history lives here
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