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Local history books can be challenging to research and write, especially in a smaller, unincorporated community, but Jack Kelley has succeeded admirably in producing one of the most comprehensive pioneer histories for any community in east King County, large or small. The amount of research that has gone into the production of the book is simply phenomenal. It incorporates a wealth of historical photos, as well as numerous maps, graphs, drawings and documents. The result is a visually rich exploration of Fall City's past that will be an excellent educational resource for generations to come.

Over a period of more than 30 years in the field of public history in this county, I have become quite familiar with the literature of community history. Jack's History of Fall City is an impressive story as well as an eloquent case statement for a community's identity and pride. I commend the author and all who have been involved in the production of this wonderful book.

Charles Payton
Heritage Programs Manager, King County

As an avid consumer of local history, I was excited to be invited to review the Proof of Jack's History of Fall City. This is the most comprehensive account of Fall City history to date. Meticulous research and painstaking attention to detail are evident throughout the document. The broad subject matter is enhanced by a breathtaking array of photographs and maps which bring the book to vivid life. It is a gem of a contribution to King County history, which just about anyone would find great delight in - for its themes are universal and its appeal is to the heart.

Julie Koler, Manager
King County Historic Preservation Program

I admire the excellent research that Jack Kelley has done, and the clear warmth he feels for his town. There is a great deal of wonderful information in this manuscript, and the excellent array of photographs, maps, clippings and tables makes this book feel like an exhibition as much as a manuscript.

Lorraine C. McConaghy, Ph.D.
Historian , Seattle Museum of History & Industry

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