Future History

What is happening now that is tomorrow's history?

Fall City Roadhouse - June 2014

This photo of Fall City Roadhouse, taken in March 2010 by Larry Evensen, shows the latest of many businesses over the years who have occupied this historic building. For background history on the building, see section from Jack's History of Fall City.

Fall City Roadhouse

Yellow Pages Cover 2005-06

May 2014

Fall City published the second Fall City Directory in 2013, (download complete directory as PDF), following an initial publication of the Fall City Yellow Pages in 2005. This local listing of businesses and community groups will be an important snapshot for historians of later times.

Daffodils on I-90 - April 2014

When one turns west onto I-90 at the Fall City on ramp, springtime brings the cheerful mystery of a showy display of daffodils blooming in the grass of the median. We found out in 2013 that these are a "memorial garden" planted by the Morgan family, starting in 1991 when 100 bulbs were planted in honor of Carrol Morgan. See newsletter article

Daffodils planted by Morgan family

January 17, 2014

Photographs of current events...floods, heat waves, storms, community projects…are good additions to our collection. (Be sure to give us full information about the photo and your contact information so that we can obtain a simple agreement allowing the use of your photos.) Aerial photos are always welcome.

Seahawk 2014
Photo by Abby

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