Board of Directors

Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting, usually in October, and serve staggered three-year terms, with part of the Board up for election each year. The Bylaws specify a Board of five to nine members. Six members serve on the current Board. The Board meets once a month at a time chosen by the group.

We find that each of the Board members brings rich and different talents, and we are grateful for their important volunteer contributions, especially considering that most Board members have fulltime jobs. If you would like to learn more about being a Board member, please contact us.

Fall City Historical Board 2018

Board at Fall City Day 2017
with Treehouse Point celebrities Pete and Judy Nelson
(Left to right), Anne Neilson, (expert on internet searches), Paula Spence (a Lake Alice neighbor), Cindy Parks (Founding member and keeper of our Facebook page),Pete and Judy Nelson, Donna Driver-Kummen (Founding Member and the Display Queen), Ruth Pickering (Founding Member and most likely to be in the Office), Leanne Adcox (with Burns and Stow family connections)