Fall City is blessed with an extensive and unique 520-page book on its history: Jack's History of Fall City, published in 2006 by Jack E. Kelley. It brings together materials from over 15 years of research by Jack and Judy Kelley. During the three-year period it was being prepared for publication, the Fall City community shared family history with Jack, passed many things into his care, and stepped up to help with publication expenses. As the publication date neared, it seemed important to provide a way for this community enthusiasm for our local history to continue and to flourish. Thus, the decision was made to form the Fall City Historical Society. The Society was organized under the nonprofit umbrella of the Fall City Community Association in 2006.

An office was established in an upstairs room of the historic Fall City United Methodist Church in 2007, and in 2008 an additional room was added for collections storage. Appropriate office and collections furnishings and supplies were obtained, largely through donation. PastPerfect software was donated for the cataloging and documentation of collections.

The Society became an independent Washington Non-Profit Corporation in September 2008 and Federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit status was granted in September 2009.

Annual Membership Meetings and Board Elections are held in October. Monthly communication with members and the community is done by a dedicated page in the Fall City Neighbors Newsletter, printed and distributed each month, supported by the community. A Reference Library is available to the community by appointment at the office, and displays are presented annually at community events. Much of the early period (2007-2010) was dedicated to a Memory Book Project, which cumulated in the publication in November 2010 of Preserving the Stories of Fall City. Basic Collections Policy was established in 2007, and guided the acceptance of donations during the early years. A more extensive Collections Management Policy was adopted in January 2013. We continue to broaden and strengthen our collections, with support from King County Heritage 4Culture.

We are honored that in 2012 Jack Kelley chose to pass on the copyright, printing rights and all proceeds from Jack's History of Fall City to the Fall City Historical Society.